Infosys Consumer, Retail, and Logistics on AWS

Leveraging AWS platform services to redefine the customer experience.

Why AWS?

Every advance in retail technology prompts customers to expect more – more personalized experiences, faster checkout, and simpler payments, for example. To remain competitive, retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must keep pace with these evolving expectations while at the same time streamlining their operations across manufacturing and the supply chain.

The good news is that if you’re in retail or CPG, your data gives you access to a treasure trove of useful insights to meet these challenges. Transformative technologies – such as headless e-commerce, serverless microservices, data lakes, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) – have emerged to help you do so.

But many organizations struggle with technology shortfalls and the complexities involved in making use of those essential components. Effectively wielding them to drive the performance, cost, and productivity targets they aim for remains a challenge.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our partner platforms eliminate those obstacles for you by providing data services that are faster and less costly, making consumer engagement and personalization easy, making ML and AI accessible, and delivering forecasting that’s more accurate. The services and solutions offered by AWS and our partner network help you accelerate your transformation across consumer engagement, manufacturing, and end-to-end supply chains; increase your speed to market; and assist innovation across brands – all while driving your top-line revenue and improving consumers’ experiences.

Lead your customers’ journeys

Your customers make a series of choices before, during, and after each purchase. Because they have nearly endless options available to meet their needs, you can’t afford to be reactive in this process.

To lead your customers’ journeys, you must first understand their experiences – and to do so, you must have a technology foundation that’s built to meet the challenge of journey analytics. AWS has pioneered the development of data collection and analysis for the industry. Together with our exceptional functionality and innovation, this work provides unparalleled insight into customer expectations and what it takes to anticipate and fulfill them.

For example, Amazon Forecast improves the quality of forecasting and accuracy of recommendations. This allows you to increase conversions by making high-quality recommendations during the customer journey with tools such as AWS Personalize. And the next-generation technologies of AWS Smart Store can help your customers find the right products faster and enjoy swift checkouts.

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    Improves the quality of forecasting and accuracy

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    Make high-quality recommendations

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    Help your customers find the right products faster

Lotte Mart sells a variety of groceries, clothing, toys, and other goods to over 600,000 daily shoppers across 189 stores. With Amazon Personalize, Lotte Mart cost-effectively recommends new products and discovers shoppers’ hidden buying needs. With this AWS Smart Store capability, the retailer has seen a fivefold increase in response to recommended products.

Transform your operations

Retailers and CPG organizations need to maximize their flexibility to react faster to dynamically changing environments across all aspects of their operations. To stay ahead amid brisk competition from innovative startups, you must reimagine not only how you connect with your customer, but also how you manufacture, how you run your supply chain, and how you deal with inventory and fulfillment. For example, retailers and CPG organizations are rethinking packaging and operations to meet new sustainability demands, harnessing IoT data to optimize factory productivity, enhancing product innovation, and exploring faster and more cost-effective ways to deliver a better brand experience.

With our direct retail history and 20 years of leadership in ML and AI, Amazon is uniquely positioned to be your partner for agility, innovation, and growth. AWS services and solutions help you to migrate systems to the cloud to achieve greater ROI, understand and discern the complete customer journey by leveraging data lakes and IoT, provide seamless tools to connect systems in conjunction with industry-leading experience, and more.

Born from retail, we put customer obsession and leading technology at the forefront of business and brand transformation to provide hyper-personalized experiences, unified user journeys, and complete commerce control.

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Infosys Solutions for Consumer, Retail, and Logistics on AWS

Infosys helps consumer, retail, and logistics enterprises transform their business by leveraging AWS platform services to redefine the customer experience, to renew and streamline operations across the supply chain, and to amplify the technology core. With the Infosys Equinox digital commerce and marketing platform, Infosys Data Estate Modernization, and Infosys Autonomous Supply Chain Solution – all on AWS – we bring unequalled, next-generation digital services and consulting to help our consumer, retail, and logistics customers excel.


Infosys Equinox

The Infosys Equinox human-centric digital commerce and marketing platform supports rich, hyper-personalized experiences across any channel and touchpoint for B2B and B2C buyers. Future-ready and flexible, Infosys Equinox is a MACH-X solution (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless, and extensible, built on open-source technologies) that delivers innovation to enterprises up to 30% faster than competing solutions.

Key features
Infosys Equinox brings comprehensive, headless e-commerce microservices to drive rich, personalized consumer engagement and facilitate integration into new or existing channels of engagement and systems across domains. It can connect with any digital touchpoint and scale for rapid growth.
  • icon-arrow Support for new engagement channels, including conversational AI, AR/VR, voice, social, live commerce, IoT, in-video, and in-video game.
  • icon-arrow Flexible implementation models for B2C, DTC, B2B, B2B2C, marketplaces, digital mall, super app, in-store, and personalized and custom-built products.
  • icon-arrow Omnichannel applicability, including endless aisle, contactless stores, in-store promotions, loyalty programs, and more.
  • icon-arrow Future-ready architecture, with MACH-X so you can build your own system; use as a full platform or an accelerator.
  • icon-arrow Integrated ecosystem for engaging Infosys as the single partner for platform, implementation, runtime, and e-commerce-associated services — or use your preferred partner for each.
Infosys Equinox is a suite of digital commerce and marketing capabilities that can help any company rapidly transform its online and in-store experiences into a digital-native world.
  • icon-arrow Human-centric. Engage buyers wherever they are, whenever they want.
  • icon-arrow Future-ready. Upgrade to a modern microservices stack in as little as six weeks with ready-to-use components.
  • icon-arrow Flexible. Maximize flexibility with a MACH-X, composable, cloud-native, modular, open-stack solution – 1,000+ endpoints supporting all major commerce functionality.
  • icon-arrow Seamless. Tap into the robust capabilities of Infosys and its partners for an end-to-end solution that evolves with your business.
  • icon-arrow Engaging. Deliver engaging experiences across screens, apps, social platforms, and messengers, via voice, wearables, chatbots, AR/VR, and IoT.

Customer references

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    Global Food and Beverage CPG Leader ($25B+ in revenue) Infosys Equinox serves as a digital hub for a food and beverage enterprise, powering over 250 global brand websites, as well as B2B e-commerce, DTC, and recipe sites for the company’s various brands across the globe.

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    Leading Essential Oils MLM Company ($2B in revenue) Infosys Equinox helped the leading essential oils multilevel marketing (MLM) company plant the seeds of its new e-commerce platform – and the company is now harvesting the benefits of increased consumer engagement, higher average order value (AOV), seamless flash sales, and higher overall revenue.


Infosys SAP Data Estate Modernization on AWS

Infosys SAP Data Estate Modernization on AWS modernizes data and analytics platforms to help organizations elevate their business intelligence by generating meaningful insights and helping them pursue data science initiatives. It seamlessly combines structured and unstructured data from SAP, legacy systems, web feeds, and sensors or data from front-office systems by leveraging AWS cloud platform services.

Key features
Infosys SAP Data Estate Modernization on AWS delivers three critical capabilities – proprietary knowledge, methodologies, and tools and accelerators – to unify and democratize previously disparate data for enhanced visibility and deeper insights.
  • arrow Well-developed reference architecture and data integration framework that use AWS data ingestion, processing, storage, and analytics tools.
  • arrow Modern and simplified data management platform for improved business-critical insights to help users make data-driven, strategic decisions.
  • arrow End-to-end data integration and orchestration process that cannot be developed in house.
  • arrow Preconfigured, industry-specific solutions and more than 50 use cases, with configurable solutions covering a breadth of AI/ML use cases.
  • arrow Democratized data landscape for broader accessibility, enabling end users to pull and analyze business-critical data for deeper insights.
Infosys SAP Data Estate Modernization on AWS enables data-driven decision-making for enhanced business value and cost reduction. With the solution, organizations running SAP can reduce implementation timelines and efforts by as much as 80%.
  • arrow Enables self-service. Allow end users to create and define business KPIs based on foundational analytics and business rules.
  • arrow Speeds data tool deployment. Streamline data exploration timelines to reduce design and implementation turnaround using various metadata generation tools.
  • arrow Reduces implementation costs. Save time, effort, and money with an optimized data management architecture that uses AWS to manage infrastructure.
  • arrow Democratizes data tools. Deploy business scenarios quickly and deliver valuable data to users with innovative architecture and unlimited scalability.
  • arrow Accelerates innovation. Leverage the power of hyperscalers to manage computing, networking, and data services at scale.

Infosys Autonomous Supply Chain Planning and Execution

The Infosys Autonomous Supply Chain Planning and Execution solution gives users near real-time visibility into master data across customers, products, channels, retailers, distributors, and partners. It enables organizations to increase sales by improving the effectiveness of marketing strategies and sales promotions as well as by ensuring the accuracy of demand fulfillment.

Key features
Key features Drive growth with an autonomous supply chain powered by TradeEdge. The solution provides insights from suppliers and retailers across the demand value chain for maximum channel visibility, improving retail execution and access to new markets.
  • arrow Agile planning for streamlined decision-making across the supply chain.
  • arrow SKU-level sales and inventory reports for cross-channel analysis to identify trends, improve demand planning, and boost operations.
  • arrow Accurate SKU-level forecasting and timely sales and inventory data for prioritizing dispatches to meet spikes in demand.
  • arrow Master data harmonization within minutes of data acquisition, with data processed and harmonized by AI tools and ML models.
  • arrow Managed data lifecycle services for better, more cost-effective data management.
With near real-time visibility into master data, the solution enables enterprises to increase sales with statistical forecasting, sales-trend analysis, and advanced supply chain analytics for superior planning across the product, demand, and operations continuum.
  • icon-arrow Improves demand forecasting. Support timely decisions with accurate, complete forecasting at the retailer/DC SKU level.
  • icon-arrow Promotes sales growth. Use data-based insights to adjust delivery plans and improve distribution requirements planning (DRP).
  • icon-arrow Solves inventory issues. Improve your ability to find and fix phantom inventory issues to avoid loss of sales.
  • icon-arrow Improves trade promotion. Fuel better trade promotion and new product introduction performance.
  • icon-arrow Provides point-of-sale data. Gain actionable insights fast with point-of-sale (POS) data on Day 2 for Day 1.

Customer references

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    Multinational CPG Manufacturer of Health, Hygiene, and Home Products The company gained near real-time visibility into secondary sales and inventory data, enabling more effective demand planning. Learn more.

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    Multinational Food and Beverage Company The geo-customized solution provided visibility into the supply chain, bringing distribution partners onto one platform for exchanging, cleaning, and harmonizing business data. Lean more.

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    Fortune 500 Cosmetics Company The company gained visibility into coupon redemption and sales data, and harmonized POS data to adjust sales promotions. Lean more.

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